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12 janvier 2010

The Right choice

There are various kinds of choices in our life .

When in the morning of life, we were links of london always troubled in deciding which color of clothes we should buy, which types of toy we wanted to get on birthday and whether we should play with the bad

boys or girls; When in the noon of life ,links of london jewellery we are in decision of whether it is meaningful to have a further education or to search a suitable job, then get a stable salaries, and when to marry or how to find a good wife or husband who can live through the rest of life with us; When in the dusk of life , we are in difficulties to know how to live a happy and sterile life .

During that time, all of us want to advise from our families or friends, but the last decision belongs to ourselves .Therefore, we are strongly recommended to make these choices .

   A boy and a girl fell in love with each other in links of london sale middle school , they promised to spend their entire life together .Having graduated ,they were facing the reality of making a comfortable life .Latter ,the boy found a job as a teacher ,while the girl went to be a secretary in a company .Three year past ,they got married and had a lovely child .However ,the mother of this kid didn’t satisfied with her present life ,because all of her female friends had become rich and they lived a luxurious life, which was admired and even envied by her .One day ,links of london charms she companied one of them to go shopping ,they went into the linksofenglandstore ,the extravagant lady bought many jewelries at the same time ,which surprised her and she dreamed to get these jewelries some day ,so she told her husband her desire ,but he didn’t buy for her ,because he had no money .Day by day ,this mother had the idea to search a better life ,so she chose to devoiced with her husband .Another years had past ,she would marry a rich who could buy her anything that she wanted ,before their wedding ,she invited her vice-husband ,and told him the news ,he said nothing but some blessing words to her ,at the end of their party ,he took out a present and told sale her to have a look after their wedding . She did it as he said, when she opened the wrapping paper ,in which there are her desired jewelries ,looking this ,she tore down..

    My understanding of this story is that in the world of love, everybody of us is the leading actor of our own love story, so how to choose the true love is the key scenario

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